The Velvet Revolution

   Fashionable "velvet revolution" began a year ago, when Italian magicians Dolce & Gabbana released on catwalk models dressed in elegant dress of black velvet, embroidered with gold. Followed by D & G «velvet» girls at Fashion Week presented Gucci (known lovers of kitsch and luxury), Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry and even democratic Jason Wu.
   Of course, after such simultaneous speeches by representatives of luxury brands mass market could not support the fashion of velvet, so fashionista with any budget can afford to be if you are ready to start your own "velvet" season, special attention should be paid to several subjects wardrobe....

Wedge sneakers

   1970 in the United States has become a popular jogging jogging, which allowed U.S. firms to offer sneakers for newcomers to the sport. In addition, people have started wearing these shoes as casual footwear . First came the models created for everyday wear, and many stars have become worn them on various activities. First Wedge sneakers "lifted" designer Isabel Maran , and they ceased to be a shoe for shopping and dog walking. This comfortable shoes wedges - a great solution for the benefit of those who want to combine.
    Snickers versatile: they suit and jeans and shorts, leggings and tight leggings made of fabric or leather, loose knit cardigans or....

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